Award winning ham

Award winning ham
Award winning 25 years


Award Winning Hams since 2012.

Australian PorkMark Ham Awards take place every year, with the entries assessed on appearance, aroma, form and of course, the all-important taste test. Andrew’s hams have been consistent winners of the prestigious Australian PorkMark Ham Award since 2012 in all categories.

Award winning ham


Our accolades have been achieved by working closely with local farmers to procure only the finest hand-selected female pigs; this ensures their delicate aroma and sweetness. Every leg is handcrafted before being cured with our signature spices. The hams are then slow roasted and naturally smoked with German beechwood.

Ham on the bone

Ham on
the bone

Andrew’s Ham on the Bone is a beautiful Australian ham on bone is the perfect centrepiece for any celebration. This ham is ideal for glazing as the bone keeps the ham lovely and moist.
It has been voted Australia’ Best ham and Victoria’s Best bone-in leg ham for consecutive years in the prestigious Australian PorkMark Ham Awards.

Full Hams:
7-8kg: Serves up to 10.
8-9kg: Serves up to 14.
9-10kg: Serves up to 16.
10kg+: Serves 18+.

Half Hams:
4-5kg: Serves up to 8.
5kg+: Serves 8+.

Half Hams:
4-5kg: Serves up to 8.
5kg+: Serves 8+.

Ezy Cut Ham

Ezy cut

Andrew’s Ezy Cut Ham is a masterpiece, and perfect for grazing tables and buffets. It’s super ezy to carve as our butchers remove most of the bone leaving only the shank. By doing so this ham looks like the traditional ham on bone but is predominantly boneless.

Full Hams:
7-9kg: Serves up to 10-14

Boneless Leg Ham

leg ham

Andrew’s Boneless Leg Ham is our premium boneless signature leg ham that is a true Austrian classic. It has a beautifully rounded delicate and mild flavour and is very succulent. Having won its first Award over 20 years ago, it’s no wonder this is a family favourite all year round. It has been voted Australia’s Best ham and Victoria’s Best boneless leg ham for consecutive years in the prestigious Australian PorkMark Ham Awards.

Half Hams:

Full Hams:
4-5kg: Serves up to 8.
5kg+: Serves 8+

Meraki Ham


Andrew’s Meraki Ham is a true labour of love. This boneless ham is a true European village style ham. An edible heirloom inherited from our family. Family recipes and techniques held tightly for 3 generations.

Half Hams:

Full Hams:
4-5kg: Serves up to 8.
5kg+: Serves 8+

Gypsy Ham


Legend has it that the Gypsy ham got its name from gypsy camps;  pork legs would smoke for hours over their camp fires as a means of curing their meat.  Extended periods of exposure to the flame gave this ham the dark colour it has become synonymous with.  At Andrews Choice our gypsy ham is a lean leg ham, with no skin and fat.  It is netted and double smoked giving it a rich golden colour.



Andrew’s HAMbinos are succulent pork knuckles that are cured before being cooked and naturally smoked with German beechwood.  They are mild in flavour and very lean, appealing to the calorie conscious.  HAMbinos are individually packed, making them an ideal fridge staple for lunchbox sandwich fillings


Gourmet Traveller:  Mitch Edwards – Australian Pork – Marketing & Communication Manager
“Ham is beautifully shaped.  There’s a fantastic, thick later of buttery fat with a beautifully balanced flavour.”

Wendy Hargreaves  – 5 of the Best
“Andrew Vouvahakis’ boneless leg ham is officially the best in Australia, winning the National PorkMark Ham Awards for Excellence just a few months ago. His popular ham on the bone came second. “

L & A Bianco ~ Google review: 5 stars
“Best Christmas ham in Melbourne. Cheese kranskys and bacon taste better than every other brand.”

Ricky O’Connor ~ Google review: 5 stars
“Best sausages I’ve ever had always helpful, tells you the best way to cook them, kranskis, knackwurst, absolutely beautiful, would not go anywhere else.10/10.”

Geraldine Malady ~ Google review: 5 stars
“We buy Andrew’s Choice ham at our local deli. It is the best ham we have ever eaten. Sometimes have to wait for it to be restocked. Sells quickly.”

Marion Ellis ~ Google review: 5 stars
“Always delighted when a box from Andrew’s Choice arrives packed with delicious food lovingly prepared to capture premium taste and freshness. Fortunately, our local supermarket also stocks Andrew’s Choice smallgoods. Their hams are simply the best!”


Legendary Masterchef ~ Jacques Reymond – Herald Sun
For masterchef Jacques Reymond there’s only one place for Christmas ham. 
‘Andrew’s Choice, of course. It’s certified Australian Pork. “